route des églises romanes de la vallée de l'Ardèche
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Overlooking the river Ardeche, a rocky headland named in ancient texts Balanus Dunum, meaning High Rock, was successively occupied during twenty centuries by Pagan and Christian communities.
In the lower part of the village is a lane leading to this charming romanesque church, dedicated to Saint Magdalene. It is a witness to the faith of the occupants of this High Rock from the 11th and 12 th centuies.
Inscibed in the "Monuments Historiques" a record of Historical Monuments, the church can be reached by a narrow arched passage. This could be blocked, making the church inaccessible in timesof trouble.
Once inside the church, one has an impression of harmonius space and the simplicity of the arched vaulting and the fortified apse. The second nave, also vaulted was added during work of enlargement during the 17th century.
But it is the bell tower which draws our attention. This consists of three bays, originally surmounted by three small openings of which only one remains. Access is by a steep and narrow outside stairway. From the tower one has a remarkable view of the village. The church is disaffested and was restored in 2007.

The church is open for visits from 2nd May to 1st June and from 25 August till 21st september from 15 hours to 18 hours.
From 13th july to 24 th August opening hours ares as follows : Sunday, Monday and Thursday from 10 hours tou 13 hours. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 16 hours to 19 hours.
During the rest of the year, for froups, please contact the Mairie (Town Hall) tel :
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