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Vue d'ensemble de l'église et du cimetière
L'abside et les deux absidioles
On the register of historical monuments, the little church of Saint Pierre de
Sauveplantade stands to the north of the medieval village of Rochecolombe on the
way to Vogûé. The village takes its name from the ancient forest {Silva plantata),
cleared during the Middle Ages. This modest church is a jewel of Romanesque architecture and its small dimensions(8.30 m long and 3.30 m wide) are part of its great charm.

First mentioned in the 7th century, the church of Saint Pierre de Sauveplantade was, in the 11th century, entrusted to the care of ihe Benedictine of Cruas who gave the
church its present appearance.

Its triple-apsed layout, which is typical of Romanesque Art,was very popular in the l2th
century in Bas-Vivarais. The same layout can be seen at Saint Maurice d'Ardèche.

The capitals, which top the two columns at the entrance of the transept, are certainly
re-used ones : their style makes us think they may come from the 7th century church.

The north apsidiole shelters a remarkable and rare Romanesque altar table carved out
of white limestone in the shape of a sink and a magnificent foliage of half-palm leaves
is carved on its edge.

A 'must see' is an ancient inscription, which indicates the presence of a sanctuary
dedicated to Jupiter before the church conversion to Christianity.

Les fonts baptismaux
Le choeur
La nef
L'église au milieu des vignes


Crédit photos : Monique LABROT