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The village of Beaumont, in the heart of the Cevenne-Ardechearealies on a hill overlooking the Beaume and Drobie valleys. Its Romanesque Church, dating back to the 12th century is particularly noteworthy, especially for its stone roof tiling.
Orginally, it had a simple layout, consistingof a nave, separated from two side aisles by two bays of columns. The nave leads into a choir chancel which has lesser dimensions, with a 5-sided polygonal apse at the east end of the building.
Over the years, further additions have been made, leaving us with a more complicated structure.
The chancel has e pointed arch roof, and that of the nave has a barrel roof, with mouldings of simple design, no doubt added somewhat later in time.
The craftmanship of the original builders is much to be admired, using a mixture of local materials, such as schist and granite and fine-grained sanstone which make up the major part of the stucture.
This mixture of schist and granite gives the façade a particular character. Inside, in the vaulted chapel, we can still see the coats-of-arms of the Lords of the Manor of Beaumont.
The apse had orginally three Windows, of which only one exists today. This stained glass continuing throws a softly coloured
light, particulary with the rising sun.
The roof was renovated partially some years ago, but has still to be completed, before continuing with the restoration of the Inside of the Church. This will entail a complete rendering of the stonework.

Visiting times :
The Church is open to visitors every afertnoon, with a guide present on Thursday morning during the summer months.
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